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$5 Per Lead / $105 Commission

About Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that launched in 1995. The company has headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Constant Contact also has additional offices in Colorado and New York. The company was originally called Roving Software until they changed their name to Constant Contact in 2004.  Constant Contact was acquired in 2015 by Endurance International Group (EIG) for $1.1 billion.

Some of Constant Contact's features

  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Email Templates
  • Automatic Email Tools
  • eCommerce Integrations
  • Easy Contact Management
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Surveys and Polls

Referral Payout Structure

  • Offer free trials
  • $5 commissions for every qualified lead
  • $105 commissions for every paid sale

Constant Contact Data

  • Category: Email
  • Network: Impact
  • Alexa Ranking:
  • Phone Number: +1-781-472-8120
  • Github Stars: 253
  • Github Forks: 373
  • Github Repos: 17
  • Github Watchers: 253
  • Twitter Followers: 75435
  • Twitter Following: 32447
  • Twitter Statuses: 63495
  • Twitter Favorites: 9811

Constant Contact FAQ

Anyone can become an affiliate for Constant Contact. Being a customer is appreciated but not required.
The referral period on the Constant Contact affiliate program is 120 days. Customers can sign up 119 days after clicking an affiliate link and the affiliate who referred the customer will be credited. 120 days is very affiliate friendly and longer then the average affiliate program.
No, there is no costs to join the Constant Contact affiliate program.
The Constant Contact referral program is on the CJ network and Impact network.
Published: 2019-11-19 11:27:46 Last Updated: 2019-11-19 11:27:46

Constant Contact Stats

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Twitter Statuses (30 Days)
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Alexa Ranking (30 Days)

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Constant Contact GitHub Repos

Constant Contact
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Constant Contact PHP SDK for v2 API

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Constant Contact
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YAML/JSON driven jenkins job generator that lets you version your artifact pipelines alongside with the artifact source itself.

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Constant Contact
Language: C#

Constant Contact .NET SDK for v2 API

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Constant Contact
Language: PHP

DEPRECATED Constant Contact PHP Library for v1

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Constant Contact
Language: Ruby

Constant Contact Ruby SDK for v2 API

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Constant Contact
Language: Objective-C

Constant Contact IOS SDK for v2 API

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Constant Contact
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Bigrig ships your composite docker applications

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Constant Contact
Language: Java

Constant Contact Java SDK for v2 API

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Constant Contact
Language: ColdFusion

DEPRECATED Library for Constant Constact for Cold Fusion 9 for v1

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Constant Contact
Language: JavaScript

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Constant Contact
Language: Ruby

Preflight for HTML email

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Constant Contact
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Virus Total support for the lita chatbot

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Constant Contact
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Constant Contact
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Constant Contact
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API client for facebook ads adapter

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Constant Contact
Language: JavaScript

Voice Of The Customer (VoC) features for Atlassian JIRA, Deployment notifications and Escaping Defects

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Constant Contact
Language: Java

Plugin to generate sonar metrics for ruby

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