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Legendary Marketer is a complete training program set up for online marketers and entrepreneurs that is made up of several low, medium and high ticket products.

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30% to 60% on all sales

About Legendary Marketer

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a complete training program set up for online marketers and entrepreneurs that is made up of several low, medium and high ticket products.
You join a legitimate company that offers an affiliate program where you earn commissions by getting others to sign up. On top of that, Legendary Marketer pays out roughly 30% to 60% on all sales, across the board.
Their products range anywhere from $30 per month for the Legendary Marketer Club to upwards of $25,000 for high-ticket items. The higher the product price, the higher the take home. So who is the mastermind behind Legendary Marketer? His name is Dave Sharpe.

Who is David Sharpe?

Legendary Marketer is a brand created by David Sharpe (or Dave Sharpe) to help people build their internet marketing business through their easy to use online courses and weekly live events.

David was the co-founder of the now infamous company called Empower Network. Empower Network was a MLM (multi-level marketing) company that was doing everything right but made mistakes and ended up crashing and burning. David was not the cause for the fall of Empower Network because he had left the company two years prior.
This was a cause of hesitation for many of us, including me. After getting a sense of David and Legendary Marketer, it’s evident that his 9 years as digital marketing entrepreneur and educator not only helped him create 3 multi-million dollar companies from scratch but help him develop a legendary system that makes sense.
So, from what David has achieved in the past, he is a real deal. He is also a coach and mentor to many people who’ve gone on to do 6 and 7 figures online in their own online businesses.

How Does It Work?

Legendary Marketer was created for all levels of current and future entrepreneurs. Once you sign up to Legendary Marketer, you’ll go through 15 core steps. These core steps help build a foundation and educate you on the process of building your business through Legendary Marketer.
David Sharpe has expertly crafted these videos to deliver an enormous value punch. What separates Legendary Marketer from other affiliate marketing programs is that every member is assigned a business coach. This coach is someone you can contact for help and keep you accountable so you can get the most out of the program.
Now, what some people might find challenging is the ability to drive traffic. Traffic, of course, is the lifeblood of any business. Without traffic, there’s no business and no income. In fact, most companies suffer because of their inability to drive traffic (both online and offline).
With Legendary Marketer you will have the support of not only your coach but a community of real people in real time. You will have those “aha” moments and it will all just makes sense. So what exactly do you get out of Legendary Marketer?

What You Get ?

Video Training with Dave The core steps to start, set-up and run your business the way it should be done.Video Training with Dave The core steps to start, set-up and run your business the way it should be done.Private Business Success Coach Personal access to your own coach. They are provided to help students understand what they’re learning, answers questions and learn how to turn a profit in their business.7-Figures Sales Funnel This includes your 3-page sales funnel that is proven to convert to help you generate more leads and make more sales in your business. These are created for you to make life easier.Video Ads Video ads created for you to advertise and convert sales and promote your business.“Done for You” Ad Copy This system has you covered with done for you Ad copy to use for your Ads.“Done for You” Email Follow-Up Sequence No doubt, the money is in the list. You get (Done For You) follow-up sequences that are proven to convert sales while feeling sincere and human.High Commission Products Sell products within the system and receive big commissions. This allows you to earn while you learn.Traffic and Lead Generation Keeping traffic and keeping eyes on your business is the heart of conversion and business. Get the latest marketing strategies to keep your funnel filled.Support, Live Chat and Facebook Group You won’t be left out to dry with this company. They have staff ready for support in their chat and in their FB group so you can always have your answers answered within hours, if not immediately. Networking, Live Events and Daily Coaching They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This group allows you to be surrounded by millionaires and creative minds. 

Legendary Marketer Pros and Cons ?

With every business there will be pros and cons; if you are told otherwise then that information is not truthful. Outweighing pros with cons are what’s important in evaluation any program.

Pro #1: The Training Are Relevant and Fresh
What I like most about Legendary Marketer is that I know people who go through the training are going to get value and it’s going to help their online business in a meaningful way if they take action.
They stand behind a 30-day money back guarantee. They also provide a low priced 15 Day Online Business Challenge. Just the first 3 days alone are packed with enormous value and “aha” moments. Marketers Club is also super helpful at $30/month.
Not only do you get access to training and interviews of 6 and 7 figure affiliates but weekly webinar replays are available to you that will walk you through a specific marketing concept packed with relevant content that’s fresh and keeps you engaged.

Pro #2: Legendary Marketer Is Always Evolving
Legendary Marketer as a program is constantly being updated. In early 2019, Dave and the team decided to release weekly live training to tackle the changing affiliate marketplace.
The entire product line was revamped this year to include the brand new 15-day Challenge. With constants interviews, tips and new training material being made; the approach to how affiliate marketing is made easy and relevant.
Pro #3: Support Is Super Responsive
As I’ve been going through Legendary Marketer, I’ve stumbled upon a few questions. What I’ve been really impressed with is how responsive the support team is and the path they have taken to address and tackle any questions that you may have.
Even when the support platform they use (Zendesk) says chat has left for the day, there is always someone that follows up on my question within hours. It may be minor, but it gives me more confidence that David has put together a really good team.

Pro #4: You Won’t Be Lost
Once you join the community, there are step-by-step guidance on what you need to do. You won’t be left high and dry or have a sense of confusion.
On top of that, you’re assigned with a coach immediately after you join. Your coach will guide you step-by-step through any obstacles you may face and is there to answer any questions.

Con #1: Higher Affiliate Commissions
Yes, you can promote Legendary Marketer as an affiliate for free; but Legendary actually has 2 levels of payouts.
To get the highest affiliate commissions you will have to sign up for the Pro Plan which is $29.95 a month; still an extremely low cost for the amount of information and opportunity provided. This lets you earn the full 40-60% commissions on most products.

Con #2: Focus on Paid Traffic
Apart from the costly investment in some of the higher-level products, there are other costs you need to consider.
For example, Legendary Marketer doesn’t teach you much about ways to drive free traffic. They take an approach of spending money to target actual sales.
Yes, they do touch on free marketing strategies like blogging, free social media marketing, YouTube, etc. But their main focus is still on paid traffic.
This is because paid traffic allows you to get results much faster at a much more constant rate. A lot of people don’t have the patience to work on free traffic methods.

Legendary Marketer A Scam?

With all the affiliate programs out there, it’s a fair question to ask, but with Legendary Marketer, it’s simple. Legendary Marketer offers legit and helpful training videos as well as support from real people that hold you accountable to become a successful entrepreneur.
Dave has mastered a platform for understanding the online marketing industry while also earning an income. The tools are laid out in front of you, there are no gimmicks, no hidden fees, no give us more and we give you just a little more. The tools are there, it’s all up to you to apply them and learn while making money. This is not a MLM scheme where 95% of the workers lose money for peanuts, 4% do okay and 1% get rich. This is a single level affiliate compensation system with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to make money online. Getting started is the biggest challenge for most people starting out and feeling confident in what you do is hard to come by. That’s what makes Legendary Marketer such a valuable tool.
Legendary Marketer will teach you the fundamentals that you need to form the foundation of a successful business. From there, it will allow you to build up the rest of the skills you need to take yourself to the next level and put you light years ahead of others. And if you’re looking for a lucrative affiliate program to promote, Legendary has that too.

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Legendary Marketer FAQ

Yes, Like with anything there's a learning curve and you're not going to be successful overnight, but our students say this is the best affiliate marketing training online anywhere, period, so you will be learning from the best.
Yes, I started part-time. Most all of our other students started part-time. Some of them still have their full-time jobs and do this as a side-hustle. Others have quit their jobs and do this full-time now.
Yes.We will recommend you get one or two low-cost software to help automate some of your marketing and we also have more advanced courses you can buy if you want, but they are not required.
Yes, There are also no hidden fees. My ulterior motive is that you will get so much value out of this and will love it so much you will become a lifelong customer! How that for transparency?
Published: 2019-12-20 02:03:56 Last Updated: 2020-02-03 19:21:22

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